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Working From Home As a Local Childcare Coordinator For Cultural Care Au Pair


Local Childcare Coordinators (LCC) are part of the Cultural Care Au Pair team, and help match families with Au Pairs. Cultural Care Au Pair provides training, benefits, and is hiring Local Childcare Coordinators in all areas of the U.S.

How Much Will I Earn as a Local Childcare Coordinator With Cultural Care Au Pair?

You are paid monthly for each host family in your group {While exact payment details are not listed on the job description, please ensure that they are provided to you during the application/hiring process.} You will also be eligible for Sales, Marketing and LLC Referral Bonuses.

What Does an Local Childcare Coordinator Do, Exactly?

As an LLC, you will work independently out of your home under the guidance of staff in from the corporate headquarters in Cambridge, MA. Local Childcare Coordinators meet with host families to determine if a potential host family qualifies for the program, contact new au pairs within 48 hours of their arrival and follow-up with an in-home orientation within two weeks.

You will be required to contact/check in with host families in your group at least once per month by telephone or email, and host an au pair meeting once per month.

How Many Families and Au Pairs Will I Have in My Group?

The number of families and au pairs for whom you’re responsible will vary depending on where you live, but there will always be the opportunity to grow your group by marketing to new families in your area. In some respects, you will be an entrepreneur running your own business from home. You will be growing ‘your business’ by marketing the Au Care services, raising awareness in your community, and networking.

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