TaskRabbit: Get Paid For Doing Tasks

What is TaskRabbit and how can you make money with it?  TaskRabbit is an online and mobile marketplace where people can post tasks they will pay others to do for them (say, pick up dog food for their pet. This is exactly the task that motivated Leah and her husband Kevin to start this business in the first place!)

In a nutshell, this is how TaskRabbit works: 

If you are posting a task: You will fill out the Task form with any important information for the TaskRabbits and set a maximum amount you are willing to pay.

TaskRabbits bid on the task you have posted.

The lowest bid will automatically be assigned your task. TaskRabbits will always earn at least the amount they have bid, plus any reimbursement for out of pocket expenses they may have occurred completing a task (say, you as the taskrabbit purchase the dog food at the store for $10. If your bid was $24 to deliver the dog food, you will be paid that $24 plus the $10 for a total of $34.)

When the task is completed, the taskrabbit is paid online using the site’s payment center.

Other things to know about TaskRabbit:

If you are applying to be a TaskRabbit, note that every TaskRabbit goes through a multiple step application process which includes an essay, video interviews and a background check before being selected to run Tasks. The background check uses the TaskRabbits social security number, name and address information to verify their clean record at a national, state and local level.

TaskRabbits earn points for doing Tasks, making good bids, and inviting their friends. The number next to the TaskRabbits’ photos indicate their Rabbit level. The higher your number, the better.

There’s absolutely no cost to fill out an application and no membership fee associated with being a TaskRabbit. They pay for the cost of the background check and interview process.

Getting Paid: Once the Task is marked Closed, money will automatically be transferred to your TaskRabbit account. After you’ve earned more than $25, you can cash out your money at any time. You can receive your payment through a check in the mail or through Paypal.

Note:  If the TaskPoster hasn’t marked the Task Closed 3 days after you’ve marked the Task Completed, the system will automatically mark the Task as Closedand transfer applicable money earned to your TaskRabbit account.

Posting Tasks/Service Fees. 

A TaskPoster decides how much they’re willing to pay to have a Task complete. This information is not visible to the TaskRabbits — this ensures that the market is competitive.

The TaskRabbits then determine how much they want to do the Task for, taking into consideration the Task’s location, details, complexity, and a variety of other factors. When a TaskRabbit makes their bid, the site adds their service fee and the TaskPoster sees the total price they would pay if the bid was accepted.

TaskRabbits do not incur the service fee – they are always paid the amount of their bid if it is accepted.

To learn more and see if this might be a way for you to make some extra money, check out www.TaskRabbit.com today!