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Verbal Ink: Transcription Work At Home

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Verbal Ink is a transcription company that hires transcriptionists to do transcription work at home. They also offer translation, editing and copywriting services.

How Much Does Verbal Ink Pay?

Verbal Ink pays well, according to most people that share their work experience with this company. You will probably not find exactly how much they pay when you search on the web, however.

The closest response to how much they pay is that they ‘pay well’  as far as work at home transcription jobs go.

Verbal Ink will let you know their general pay rate during your application process, however. So you will know the specifics before you get hired or accept their job offer.

Do I Need Transcription Experience To Get Hired at Verbal Ink?

No. Verbal Ink will hire entry level transcriptionists from what I have read, however you must be able to pass their assessment test to get hired.

Any Other Requirements I Should Know About?

You must be a U.S. citizen to apply with Verbal Ink. Other things they will look for in applicants include:

A general knowledge of current events and American popular culture.

The ability to differentiate between the voices of several speakers.

Have a strong command of the English Language.

Have a strong working knowledge of email and Microsoft Word.

How Do I Apply With Verbal Ink?

To apply with Verbal Ink, you must send them an email at Please attach your resume in Microsoft Word or PDF format; resumes without cover letters will not be considered. Also, let them know why you would be an asset to their company.