Fashion Company Hiring a Social Media Guru – Work At Home

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A fashion company is undergoing a re-branding their online and social presence, and is hiring a social media guru/copywriter. This person will be in charge of revamping the company’s social and online media content.

What Type of Qualities They Are Seeking in a Social Media Guru/Copywriter

The company is looking for someone who loves fashion and style. You should be a creative type person who is also tech savvy. They prefer someone who has at least 2-5 years of experience in this area, and possibly has a related degree or certification.

Some social media management experience is needed and experience with Google Analytics is preferred as well.

Lastly, you should be the type of person who can work independently from home, and can stay on track to write compelling and exciting content for this company.

How Much Does This Job Pay?

Compensation is $20-$50 per hour, depending on experience.

How Soon Are They Hiring a Social Media Guru – How Much Time Do I Have To Apply?

This job was posted on Craigslist today – Fri. August 8 – so if you are interested in applying, you should probably do soon very soon.

You can take a look at the post, and if you do decide to apply, you will need a resume and cover letter.

Good Luck!