How To Get $100 in Your Paypal Account By Writing a List for Listverse

get $100 writing for Listverse

get $100 writing for ListverseIf you haven’t heard about Listverse yet, this is a site that pays people for writing top ten lists. How cool is that? You can get $100 in your Paypal account if your list is approved and published by Listverse. And if your first list doesn’t get the go-ahead, you can always try again.

How Does This Work?

You write your top-ten list. It must be 1500 words, original and have links to reputable sources. Once you submit your list to Listverse, they will review it. If they decide to publish it, they will let you know and you get $100 in your Paypal account. If they decide your list is not what they are looking for, they will also let you know that too. Then you try again (if you want to, of course.)

Is Paypal the Only Way I Can Get Paid?

Yes. Right now that is the only way Listverse pays writers. However, if you don’t have an account with Paypal, it is easy and free to set one up!

What I Have Heard/Read About Listverse:

You should always check sites that offer ways to make money out before you try them, of course. Make sure you are comfortable with reviews, others’ experiences with the sites, etc.

With that said, I have done some checking around, and these are the main things people seem to have to say about Listverse.

  • There has been some confusion as to whether or not Listverse keeps rights to submitted lists even if they do not pay/publish the list.
  •  Apparently that used to be the case. However, they have changed their terms, and now they only retain rights to lists that are paid for and published. Rights to unpublished lists remain with the original author.
  • A nice thing I have read on several reviews is that they pay you as soon as they let you know your list has been accepted! The money may be in your account before the list is even published.
  • I have heard it takes about a week to 2 weeks to hear from Listverse after you submit your list. (This time frame probably changes though depending on how busy they are, I am guessing.)
  • The biggest complaint I have read is that it does take quite a bit of work to come up with an original top-ten list and those reputable resources for each point on your list. Some writers have felt discouraged after spending a lot of time on their lists, just to be rejected.

So yea, it could take some time and thought. And yes, you may get the ‘rejection’ email. But then again, you may get $100 in your Paypal account for a couple of hours work. If you do give a try, let us know how it works out for you!!

Good Luck!