5 Companies Where You Can Apply For Home-Based Translation Jobs

home-based transcription jobs

5 Places To Apply For Remote translation jobs

*Updated July 8, 2016*

Looking for translation jobs from home? There are several legitimate companies that accept applications on a continuing basis. You might want to apply with several companies to increase your chances of finding work.

Home-Based Translation Jobs

Keep in mind that some companies will require more education and experience than others, and most will hire you as an Independent Contractor rather than as an employee, which usually means no benefits. Take a look at this list, and see if any of the companies and their requirements might just match what is on your resume!


1. 1-800 Translate

They are accepting applications for freelance translation and interpreter jobs. As project managers develop new translation teams, they will look through their current supply of resumes to find the right applicants for each project.

One thing important to note about this company is that a college degree is required in order to apply for their home-based translation jobs.


This company is based in Santa Monica. They are accepting applications for translators as well as interpreters. There is not much information on their site regarding education requirements and payment details, however. So yo may need to do some research if you decide to apply here.

You can email your resume to them, and they will keep your information in their database if there is not a current project available.

3. Acclaro

Their website states that they are always looking for freelance translators, editors and language leads.

You will need to have at least 3 years experience to work as a translator for Acclaro, as well as a college degree.

4. Clickworker

Freelancers can sign up with Clickworker and find small micro tasks/jobs to do, including translation work.

After signing up, you will take assessment tests to determine which tasks will be available to you.

Clickworker pays freelancers on a ‘per piece’ basis, and payments are usually on the low side. However, if you use this as a back-up/extra money type of thing, it can be a dependable way to get extra money on the side.

To sign up, just go to and get started.

5. LanguageLine Solutions

They hire home-based  translators and interpreters for telephone work. You can check their list of available jobs on the site and apply if you find one you are interested in.

(I am adding #6 today)

6. Daily Transcription

Another company that hires freelance transcribers for day to day transcription jobs. Read our post about them here.