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Freelance Writing Jobs for Wedding Experts

freelance writing jobs from home

freelance writing jobs from home

Freelance writing is always a good choice for people that want to work from home. And we have all heard the advice that the best way to make money writing is to write about things you love.

Anyone out there love weddings? If so, here is the perfect writing gig for you.

The Wedding Bee is accepting applications for their freelance writing jobs immediately. They are revamping their website, and will assign articles before the new website is live in order to build a library for launch.

This is a work at home position. All Assignments, writing, editing, and submissions are handled through Weddingbee’s online system. You provide a computer, Internet access, and  informative, and energetic articles.

They need writers who are enthusiastic, love to do research for articles, and who happily follow all the latest wedding trends.

Compensation is generally $25 per article. However, you may earn more for writing in-depth specialty articles as well.

Want to work write for Weddingbee? Get the details here.