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Work From Home Copywriting Jobs With Novica

Write Product Descriptions For Novica

work from home copywriting jobs

If you are an experienced copywriter you may be able to find work at home copywriting jobs at Novica. Based out of LA, the company dedicated to promoting work of  thousands of artists world-wide.

They are currently seeking remote writers to create product information about original artworks that will be uploaded to the NOVICA website.

Copywriting Jobs at Novica

Working from home, you will review new products and write descriptive content about each item. You will also review new product images to check for quality and completeness.

As a copywriter for Novica, you will also be uploading data into their product database.


They are looking for people who have a Bachelor’s degree, college coursework in Art History, or 1-3 years relevant work experience.

Writers need to be creative, have a clear and concise writing style and creative copywriting skills. Exceptional grammar, syntax and spelling is required.

This job requires a reliable fast internet connection, computer and work area at home.

Pluses are being able to  read, comprehend and translate Spanish and/or Portuguese.

Getting Paid

According to the job description, writers are paid on a per-product basis  of $3.00 per product for artworks with original content in English and $3.15 per product for artworks with original content in Spanish or Portuguese. The company notes that successful candidates can reasonably expect to complete an average of 5+ products per hour.

(They also ask that applicants be able to commit to a consistent minimum output of 15 products per week (3 hrs+).

Another important item to note regarding getting paid: According to the job details, payments are only made for successfully completed work that has been reviewed and approved by a supervisor. Incomplete or poor-quality work will be returned to you for revision and re-submission.


To apply you will need to provide an updated resume. You must also include a paragraph about which of the art categories or genres on the NOVICA website is your favorite, and why. Novica will use this to assess your descriptive writing skills

Please be aware that Novica will only accept applications that include all 3 of these requirements.

The full job description is here  if you would like to read more. Visit their website at as well to learn more.

Good Luck!