Rev Captioning Jobs – Earn $240 Monthly

Caption Videos for Rev and earn an extra $240 a month. Jobs go quickly, apply now.
Caption Videos For Rev


Get paid to Caption Videos with Rev. These are popular jobs and tend to go quickly. And Rev does not often have new opportunities available. So when they do, you have to move fast if you want to apply.

Working from home, you watch video content such as Khan Academy videos to popular TV shows and movies.  Using Rev’s captioning software you add add text captions to these videos.

Part of what makes Captioning jobs with Rev so popular is that you are paid every week via Paypal. You earn $0.40-$0.75 per video minute, and the average monthly payout is $240.

Plus, you are in control of your own schedule – you log on when you have spare time and want to do some captioning.

Rev provides training for this job. You supply your own computer, headset, broadband internet, and strong English skills.

These are not always easy jobs to get, however. You will need to pass several tests (but you get a training guide to help you out!) Your typing and spelling skills need to be up to par as well.

But again, they do go quickly, and when they open up this job for applications, it is important you apply right away if interested. You will need at least an hour for the application itself. They allow up to 3 hours to complete the first accuracy test however. And you can refer to the training they provide.

If you would like to work for Rev captioning videos, click here to get started.