Got Stress? Try This Trick

Got stress? Try saying one word, any word, over and over again for about three minutes. Practitioners of Eastern medicine have been praising the benefits of mantras for years, and Harvard scientists say that repeating just one word over and over will activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which calms down the body’s “fight or flight” response.

Go ahead. Pick a word, any word, and give this a try!!

Setting Up Your Desk Space

Some helpful tips from Real Simple. When you sit down at your desk facing your computer, you should: Angle your pelvis so that it’s slightly open, at 100 to 110 degrees. Bend your elbows at 90 to 110 degrees, so that your hands rest comfortably on the desktop and your upper arms are in line with your torso. Place your feet flat on the floor. Position your head above your hips and look straight ahead, without craning or straining your neck. Have no more than a fist’s space between the back of your knees and the seat of your chair. Read More

Mom Entrepreneur: Felicity Huffman

I am a fan of Desperate Housewives, and of Felicity Huffman. But just recently I discovered that Huffman, the mom of two daughters, is also a Mom Entrepreneur! When rocking one of her daughter in her rocking chair, Huffman would get frustrated by the pillow behind her head constantly slipping down. So Felicity got out her sewing machine one day and solved her neck pillow dilemma herself- “Finally I got out the sewing machine I´ve had since 8th grade and designed a pillow that would support my neck, cradle my head from side to side and wouldn´t slide down! I Read More

Stay at Home Moms: Get Paid To Review Products

The M.O.M. networking team wants moms to help spread the word about products they love. Miles Of Marketing (M.O.M.) employs moms to market products for companies that want moms’ opinions and advice. Marketing includes online and in person sharing of your experience with a product, coupons, samples, postcards, etc.. Moms will also need to be licensed and insured drivers and agree to have a magnetic decal on their cars for each product promotion cycle they work on. Each promotion cycle lasts for two weeks, and at the end of each cycle, you will send in your report. Payment will be Read More

Where to Buy Business Cards Online

Here are a few (great) sites to check out if you are shopping for business cards:–offers custom and ready-made business cards that come in mini sizes and regular size. Very cute, creative and fun designs!–strangely different idea for business cards…beef jerky! Not available to buy just yet…but take a peek at what will be coming from this highly creative company.— The place to get business cards for the least amount of money, seriously. And if you want to get some creatively original ideas for your own design, check out these unique business cards

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