Mystery Phone Shopper Jobs

mystery phone shopper jobs

If the thought of doing phone work from home sounds intriguing, but you are worried about your kids making noise in the background, think about getting a job as a mystery phone shopper. Since you will be calling stores and acting as an interested customer, it is fine to have normal household noises going on in the background! Like mystery shopping, you will be checking out shops and writing reports, except that all work is done by phone. You will not be required to actually visit any stores in person. There are several companies that hire mystery phone shoppers, one Read More

How To Get Started With Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping can be a mystery in itself– where to get started, how to sign up, knowing whether a site is legitimate or not– these are questions that need answers for anyone considering this as a stream of income. One place to get started is with Mystery Shoppers Providers Association at If you want to learn more about mystery shopping and how to become a shopper, this is a great place to start. You can get and exchange information with others on their Shoppers Bulletin Boards, look for MSPA member companies that are looking for independent contractors to be Read More

Interested in Mystery Shopping and Retail Merchandising?

Interested in mystery shopping as a source of extra income? NARMS (National Association For Retail Marketing Services) is a good source of finding legitimate job leads for mystery shopping, as well as retail merchandising and Theater Checks (somewhat like mystery shopping, only you are reporting on theaters.) You can submit your profile on NARMS so companies may contact you, and NARMS also publishes merchandising and mystery shopping opportunities available with retail companies. For example, today NARMS has posted retail merchandising opportunities with a company called Market Force Information ( They have ongoing merchandising, mystery shoppers, and theater check assignments available Read More

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