List of Mom Blogs That Pay You For Guest Posts

Freelance blogging as a side gig can be a handy way to make a little extra cash now and then. There are quite a few mom blogs that pay for guest posts. So are you are a crafty person with projects to share? A kitchen diva who has delicious recipes you’re willing to part with? Or a mom bursting with the best parenting tips ever? Then check out this list of sites you can apply with as a guest post blogger. Crafty Morning Super crafty mom Michelle pays $10 – $20 per quality recipe or craft post you send in Read More

Paid Guest Post Opportunity – MamaMia (Women/Parenting/Lifestyle Website)

IB Publishing Pays You To Write For Them

MamaMia is a very popular women’s website in Australia that offers paid guest post opportunities. This is a great way to earn extra money while getting your own blog exposure. There are a couple of points to remember about writing a paid guest post for this site. First, how much Mama Mia pays varies on the type of post and author. Second, Mama Mia publishes only high quality, well-written articles. Mama Mia pays for original submissions only. Any article or post you submit cannot be published anywhere else, including your own website, if you want to be paid. You can Read More

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