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WAH Transcription Jobs – Who Is Hiring?

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For those of you looking for wah transcription jobs – check out – the company is actively recruiting freelance transcriptionists and translators! There is not too much information provided on their website, however they have posted that they are hiring fore both work at home positions. About Rev’s WAH Transcription Jobs: Earn $0.40-0.50 per audio minute + many opportunities for bonus…

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Work At Home Transcription: Take 1

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Take 1 is recruiting experienced typists for their work at home transcription jobs. Take 1 provides transcription services – including captioning and translation services –  to the entertainment industry throughout the US and UK. Their freelance typists work on TV and Movie projects such as Dragons’ Den, Who Do You Think You Are? and Project Runway. (Click Here To Find A…

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Transcription, Work At Home

Verbal Ink: Transcription Work At Home

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Verbal Ink is a transcription company that hires transcriptionists to do transcription work at home. They also offer translation, editing and copywriting services. How Much Does Verbal Ink Pay? Verbal Ink pays well, according to most people that share their work experience with this company. You will probably not find exactly how much they pay when you search on the…

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Ways To Make Money From Home

SpeakWrite: Work From Home Typing Jobs

If you consider yourself to be a pretty good typist, you can make money from home typing  non-medical transcriptions for SpeakWrite. You will work one-hour shifts typing out audio transcriptions. The better your typing, the more you can earn, with the fastest typists earning $15 or more per hour.