WAH Transcription Jobs – Who Is Hiring?

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For those of you looking for wah transcription jobs – check out Rev.com – the company is actively recruiting freelance transcriptionists and translators! There is not too much information provided on their website, however they have posted that they are hiring fore both work at home positions. About Rev’s WAH Transcription Jobs: Earn $0.40-0.50 per audio minute + many opportunities for bonus pay Get weekly payouts via PayPal for work completed the prior week Work your own hours Choose which projects to work on Receive regular feedback, to help you improve your transcription skills About Rev’s WAH Translator Jobs: Get Read More

Daily Work at Home Job Posting: EmergingCast

Emerging Cast is a platform for Freelance Writers,Voice Overs, Translators (Spanish and English,) and Film Makers. When you sign up with Emerging Cast (which is free and takes minutes,) you are given access to their available job assignments. Most written assignments will be “how to” tutorials, i.e., How To Salsa. Emerging Cast pays a fixed price per article, per voice over, per each translated article, and per each video. Every available job assignment will have a price that is set according to the marketplace. Payments are made monthly through PayPal, Wire Transfer, Check or Emerging Cast MasterCard. Pick assignments as Read More

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